Some background on SonicWALL:

Sonic Systems was founded in 1991 as a developer of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet cards, hubs and bridges.  In the late 1990’s they came out with a product named SonicWALL, which is a dedicated hardware firewall.  In 2012 Dell acquired SonicWALL and brought it into its family of network products.

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Why we decided to partner with SonicWALL:

SonicWALL has become a leader in Unified Threat Management (UTM).  This allows multiple services to run on the firewall that used to take multiple devices to handle.  One of the important services actively scan for virus and malware at the firewall.  Along with intrusion prevention, companies can filter content block inappropriate web sites.  The easy-to-use web interface is secure and allows admins to control and monitor the device.

Product Lines:

LANTEC Systems, Inc. sells the full line of SonicWALL products.  Small business will enjoy enterprise functionality that will not break the bank with the TZ series.  The new TZ series can easily handle Gbps Internet connections and some even have 10 Gbps interfaces.



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